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Digital Business Solutions

A platform which effectively boost your business

TMPK aims friendly eCommerce solutions for Businesses, our mission is to bring all businesses Online from Products to Services and Starters to Brands. To achieve this our approach is simple yet effective, Businesses do not require any technical knowledge, any coding, any technical staff or any IT expertise or any intricate procedures or any high cost to be Online.


Online Market Place

Pakistan's First E-Mall

Establishing a relationship with your customer seems intricate? Let us help you market at the most pocket-friendly rates. Hence we understandthat having an online e-commerce presence opens up more opportunities to extend your reach and gather new vendors beyond your bricks and mortar offerings.

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My Mobile App Development

Feature-rich Mobile App for Business Mobility

At TMPK, our mission is to provide our retailers with top quality web and app development services. iIn order to achieve your objectives, we use no coding techniques that requires no hassle or intricacies.

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Online Consultancy Marketplace

Mobility to solve everyday business challenges.

Professionals can start their own Online Consultation Marketplace in a click; easy for Doctors, Lawyers, Professors, Tutors, Interior Designers, Counselors, Dietitians,Event Planners and more

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Delivery Management

Dispatching On-The-Go

Hassle-free and secured deliveries through third party management. Enhance your delivery services with end-to-end route planning, automated dispatch and real-time tracking.

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Online Team Management

Increase your business productivity

Super Easy Team Messaging App for 1-1 or group discussions around your projects or shared interests

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Independent Work Platform

A Platform to connect individual people

It connects workers, freelancers, individual professionals and domestic service providers to generate business online. It connects domestic service companies, individuals and freelancers with their clients.

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Customer Care Support

24/7 Dedicated support team

24/7 Dedicated support team for all online services & order tracking

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Payment Gateways

Payment options available for clients

All credit cards and cash on delivery (COD) options available for clients. Merchants accounts will be settled every 10 days basis.

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