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Why Should I have Mobile APP

A customer prefer mobile app instead of Website

Year 2020, it's a start of a new world order or a new era and has thourght us many lessons. Foremost is the online presence of any business. In Pakistan business having a static website is considered as online existence. Now it's no more, business need to have properly maintained Online Stores and Mobile Apps to stay in touch with their clients.

TMPK aims friendly eCommerce solutions for Businesses, our mission is to bring all businesses Online from Products to Services and Starters to Brands. To achieve this our approach is simple yet effective, Businesses do not require any technical knowledge, any coding, any technical staff or any IT expertise or any intricate procedures or any high cost to be Online.

Advantages of Mobile APP

Wonder How? Here is What Makes us Unique

TMPK Mobile App aims to increase quality and flexibility of service you offer to your customers; likely the ability to accept payments wirelessly, increased ability to communicate in and out of the workplace, greater access to modern apps and services and improved networking capabilities.

Connecting buyers & sellers

Mobile apps are handy & fast

your customer is always in touch & accessible

push notification & instant update

No technical staff & team required

Promo codes & special discount for customers

centralized payment gateway

Live chat & customer support

loyaty card program(optional)

cost effective way to communicate with your customer

customer loyalty & 24/7 accessibility with order scheduling

Bridging inventory management & ERP with the mall of paksitan & mobile app