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Distant Learning

Teach your student and stay at home

Professionals can start their own Online Consultation Marketplace in a click; easy for Doctors, Lawyers, Professors, Tutors, Interior Designers, Counselors, Dietitians,Event Planners and more.

Conferences Online

An easy Online official meetings and seminars platform to enhance provides networking with peers across nations or even different continents. This platform helps to increase collaboration with other individuals in the implementation of a project easily and specially in pandemic days.

Online School

Students love to attend schools, but due to any reasons if schools are closed this online school can help to bridge learning between teachers and students and schools can easily conduct classes as per their desired schedule. Teachers can assign homework and interact with their students easily just as a normal school routine.


An online Madrasa where the Maaulim can teach Dars e Quran and all valuable teachings which are vital for Muslims education. Madrasa can conduct classes online and students can benefit easily and save time and cost.

University Online

Online classes in university allows the sharing of expertise that helps more students to have access to education that is not readily available in certain geographic locations, and professors can conduct online lectures and student can enroll for classes as per their desired time and schedule.

Coaching Centers Online

With an online class, you get to control your learning environment and students who need any assistance in terms of learning can enroll and select teachers and subject as per their time and need. Struggling students can benefit with guide and teacher assistance at home and improve their subject knowledge without wasting time travelling.

Tutor Online

Bridging the tutors who work privately and give tutions to start their online teaching-learning platform and work from home and help their students from home. The online portal helps to enhance learning and teaching in the most dynamic ways and saves time and cost at both ends.

Online Schooling Mobile APP

A customer prefer mobile app instead of Website

Year 2020, it's a start of a new world order or a new era and has thourght us many lessons. Foremost is the online presence of any business. In Pakistan business having a static website is considered as online existence. Now it's no more, business need to have properly maintained Online Stores and Mobile Apps to stay in touch with their clients.

TMPK aims friendly eCommerce solutions for Businesses, our mission is to bring all businesses Online from Products to Services and Starters to Brands. To achieve this our approach is simple yet effective, Businesses do not require any technical knowledge, any coding, any technical staff or any IT expertise or any intricate procedures or any high cost to be Online.