Why Us

Friendly e-Commerce Business Solutions, letting businesses run their
individual online store in hours or be a part of an online marketplace
with minimal cost of development and maintenance.

What is TMPK

Digitize Your Business Today!

TMPK, a modern mobility solution provider caters to a wide variety of audience including Large Enterprises, SMEs and Entrepreneurs.

A technology based initiative started to support businesses and individuals to combat impacts of Covid-19 on businesses and consumer behaviour. TMPK with international collaborations in technology sector gets you the best e-Commerce solutions for your businesses. How businesses will react post covid-19, TMPK presents a complete technology power pack, a platform that is simple for your business, Easy to use and profitable from day one. Unlike traditional retail business in Pakistan, TMPK runs in a single tap on ready available templates. Along with that, it meticulously take care of hosting, PCI compliance, Platform maintenance, and more.

TMPK aims friendly e-Commerce solutions for businesses, our mission is to bring all businesses online from products to services and starters to brands. To achieve this our approach is simple yet effective, businesses do not require any technical knowledge, any coding, any technical staff or any IT expertise or any intricate procedures or any high cost to be Online. TMPK providing multiple platform which will make it simple and achieveable for all businesses to build their individual online store in hours or be a part of an online marketplace with minimal cost of development and maintenance, easy to manage, payment solutions, friendly navigation, online chat/customer services, ability to integrate with social media and most importantly have your own Mobile App "#myMobileApp".

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Benefit with TMPK

A platform which effectively boost your business

  1. Build your own business, any time without any coding and support just with a click.
  2. Complete technology stack to help digitize your business, end to end
  3. Premier Program for Startups Seeking Fast & Smart Capital
  4. Helps make your own unique brand with custom UI/UX for your marketplace website.
  5. With TMPK Marketplace Platform you can:
    • Sell Goods (Food | Laundry | Grocery | Pharmacy | Catering)
    • Provide Services (Home Services | Beauty | Appointments | Freelancers)
    • Rent out anything (Space | Equipment | Furniture | Gadgets)
    • Freelance marketplace (Consultation | Micro jobs | Hiring | Freelance)
    • Peer to Peer (Books | Apparel | Travel Services)
    • Consultation marketplace (Online Tutoring | Dietitian | Doctor | Astrologer | Lawyer) and more.
  6. Secure Payment gateways
  7. Customer Support and Chat platforms
  8. Prompt Delivery management

We are Trusted by

Our clientele includes small and large companies from different sectors.
Trust is your number one priority.